Make Automation Work for You

The benefits of automating laboratory work are well recognized - reducing hands-on liquid handling enables skilled scientists to make better use of their time, eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks reduces the need to repeat experiments due to human error, and implementing a streamlined workflow can increase throughput and improve productivity. Flexible and easy-to-adopt non-contact liquid dispensers bring the advantages of reducing consumable usage and the ability to miniaturize and save reagents. In this online workshop, we will share examples of studies carried out by our end users that have been used to clearly demonstrate the tangible benefits of implementing the MANTIS® and TEMPEST® liquid dispensers in a range of assay development and screening processes.

This virtual event will be of value for you, whatever the stage in your automation journey is, deciding whether automation is suitable for your lab, understanding what benefits hands-free liquid handling might bring, or building a business case to justify a purchase or grant application.

Including a Q&A session with Cedric Chouvet, Project Manager at Perkin Elmer Cisbio, France.