XML Screen Updates

FORMULATRIX® strives to keep all the screen composition information for our ROCK MAKER® crystallization software correct and up-to-date. Periodically, there will be need to update the ROCK MAKER XML screen files due to changes to the screen recipes by vendors or inconsistencies found when we preform internal audits.


Below is a list of the recently updated ROCK MAKER XML Screen Files as well as a list of the new screens that are available for download from our website:


Updated XML Screen Files

Hampton Research - PEG Rx 1 major update

Hampton Research - PEG Rx 2 major update

Hampton Research - PEG Rx HT

Rigaku - Precipitant Synergy 1-96

Rigaku - Precipitant Synergy 97-192

New XML Screen Files Available

Molecular Dimensions - Durham pH

Molecular Dimensions - Durham Salt

Molecular Dimensions - MemChannel

Molecular Dimensions - Midas Plus

Molecular Dimensions - Rubic Buffer

Rigaku - Berkley

Jena Biosciences - XP

Kerafast -  Protein-Nucleic Acid Complex Crystal Screen