FORMULATRIX® to Reveal New Product Innovations in Laboratory Automation to Drive Life Science Applications Further at SLAS 2019

Bedford, Massachusetts - January 29, 2019  - To date, numerous robotic work station solutions targeting different areas of research workflows are available on the market. As a result, more research laboratories are integrating laboratory automation technology at their workspace, drastically changing the dynamics of day-to-day activities of researchers. Reaction miniaturization, high-throughput screening, fast and accurate reagent dispensing at low volumes, minimal hands-on timing, and significant cost savings in sample preparation and screening, are buzzing terms in the laboratory automation industry.


FORMULATRIX, a provider of leading solutions for protein crystallization automation, has successfully developed the next generation of liquid handlers based on a unique microfluidic, positive-displacement technology. The MANTIS® and TEMPEST® are industry-leading liquid handlers that revolutionized reagent dispensing needs across genomics, proteomics, and cancer research fields. Both systems enable a wide range of precise liquid class dispensing (3% CV’s at 100 nL volume dispensing), are extremely fast (96-well plate can be filled in 3 seconds), with minimal dead volume waste (6 µl), and most importantly consumable free (no changeable tips are required).


The achievements above created a great foundation for FORMULATRIX to innovate further, and to become a leader in liquid handling automation solutions.  


This year, FORMULATRIX is proud to introduce two new liquid handlers like no other for every day liquid transfer needs at SLAS 2019. Visit us at booth # 1043 to see and learn more about our new innovations in laboratory automation.


The FLO i8 liquid handler is a truly intelligent pipetting system with its unique spanning 8-tip multichannel arm and simple, smart software. We believe that using automation in the lab on a daily basis should not be a complicated and time-consuming process. Our focus was to develop a system that could be used by researchers of all levels of expertise to quickly execute their desired workflows easily. The advanced technology of FLO i8 guarantees an easy to use interface for a quick start of the system, and precise liquid transfers without the need of specifying or optimizing parameters such as labware geometries, source volumes and liquid viscosity by the user. Instead, the FLO i8 allows researchers to focus on their priorities, such as experimental design and sample screening. Each of the 8 tips integrated on the robotic hand is capable of aspirating and dispensing different liquid classes at different flow rates and volumes individually, maximizing liquid transfer accuracy and precision. The FLO i8 is an excellent solution for liquid transfers, meeting both low and high throughput pipetting needs on a daily basis.

The newest FORMULATRIX invention - the F.A.S.T. (Flow Axial Seal Tip) liquid transfer system, is another product that we are excited to introduce at the SLAS 2019 show. The positive-displacement technology, previously integrated on MANTIS and TEMPEST liquid handlers, was adapted into F.A.S.T., allowing low volume liquid transfers at high precision. The positive-displacement pipette tip technology is not only an ideal solution for use when working with complex liquid classes (viscous, dense, volatile, corrosive or even radioactive), but also prevents air-gap formation between the tip and sample. Air compression and expansion errors are no longer an issue when using F.A.S.T., thus ensuring high accuracy, consistency, and reproducibility every time. In contrast to MANTIS and TEMPEST liquid handlers, the F.A.S.T. system is capable of sample aspiration and transfer from plate to plate using a flexible 96-tip robotic hand. The system’s compact footprint and user-friendly software makes it an even more attractive option for liquid handling needs at any type of laboratory setting.  

FORMULATRIX’ vision is to develop a completely automated workflow solution to address numerous applications across life sciences. To date, the combination of our microfluidic reagent dispensers, liquid transfer systems and self-driving ROVERs (plate handlers) makes that vision more realistic than ever.