Fast Formulation of a Purified Recombinant L-asparaginase Using the µPULSE-TFF System


L-Asparaginases are enzymes with important therapeutic and industrial applications. Recombinant production of these enzymes in E. coli offers high yields and ease of purification. However, the final formulation of purified L-asparaginases for specific applications can add significant time to the preparative workflow.

Formulation of L-asparaginases is typically done at lab scale using dead-end filtration. This is a hands-on method that is limited by slow filtration, scalability, and sample loss due to aggregation.

In this webinar, we demonstrate the µPULSE-TFF system as a fast, gentle, hands-off, and single-step alternative to dead-end filtration for concentrating purified L-asparaginase. The µPULSE also offers ease of use, scalability, and reusability, which facilitates the efficient formulation of L-asparaginases and other biomolecules at the lab scale.
Muhmmad Sajed - Application Scientist

About the Speaker:

Muhammad Sajed is currently working at FORMULATRIX as an application scientist for the µPULSE-TFF system and its applications in biological research. His areas of expertise include the production and purification of therapeutic enzymes, cell culturing, and industrial biotechnology. Before joining FORMULATRIX, he held positions as a research officer at the University of Punjab and as a lecturer at Lahore Garrison University.