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Protein Crystallization Automation 2018 - Session 1

Session 1 - Agenda

Welcoming Statement


Advancements in Protein Crystallization and its Future at FORMULATRIX
Mayank Aggarwal, Ph.D.


Structural Studies Of The Collagen Prolyl 4-Hydroxylase Complex And Its Peptide-Substrate-Binding Domain
Abhinandan Murthy, Ph.D.
University of Oulu - Finland


Structural Characterisation Of The Apical Domains Of Human CCT
Danyang Wang
University of Copenhagen - Denmark


FORMULATRIX Integration On Beamline VMXi
James Sandy, Ph.D.
Diamond Light Source - U.K.


TeXRank for Ranking Drops and Targeting for Acoustic Soaking
Frank von Delft, Ph.D.

Structural Genomics Consortium - U.K.


Closing Statement