Labscale TFF for Sample Concentration and Buffer Exchange using the µPULSE® - TFF System



In this webinar, we will present a novel way of concentrating samples and performing buffer exchange using the µPULSE - TFF System.


The instrument is a fully automated, walk-away system that uses miniaturized tangential flow filtration (TFF).


Set and Forget - Automatically process samples and get notified when its ready.

Fast - Permeate flow rate up to 2.5x faster than centrifuges with dead-end filters.

Scalable Process - For both scaling up or down, control all the parameters of an industrial TFF at the research scale.

Wide Range of Operating Volumes - Starting volumes between 1 and 100 mL final volume as low as 0.5 mL.

Lowest Hold-up Volume in the Industry - Just 0.65 mL of hold-up volume with up to 100% hold-up recovery.

Easy Maintenance - All components in the fluid path are disposable consumables.

Cost-Effective - Consumables can be cleaned in place for re-use up to 300 mL of permeate (sample dependent).

Nicholas (Cole) McKnight

About the Speaker:

Cole McKnight is the product manager for the µPULSE product line. He has been working to create lab automation technology with FORMULATRIX since 2020. His training is in mechanical engineering and product design with past experience designing 3D bioprinting technology. At FORMULATRIX, he manages engineering R&D and instrument/consumables production and facilitates sales, marketing, and customer support.