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Enhancing Lab Efficiency with Automated Non-Contact Dispensers

Here we will discuss how our non-contact liquid dispensers, the Mantis® and the Tempest®, leverage our patented micro-diaphragm pump technology to overcome the limitations of air displacement pipettes.

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Using Positive Displacement to Simplify Your Liquid
Handling Workflows

Save time with the F.A.S.T. (Flow Axial Seal Tip), a reliable and easy-to-use liquid transfer system designed to move any viscosity of liquid quickly with its one-of-a-kind positive displacement, 96-channel head.

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Miniaturize to Maximize Your Laboratory Efficiency

Learn how to miniaturize assays in PCR, NGS, and other workflows, saving reagents and maximizing laboratory efficiency using the Mantis and the Tempest's precise, low-volume dispensing.

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Simplifying Harvesting Virus-Like Particles using the µPULSE
TFF System

Boost your VLP purification with a single, gentle step, saving you time over traditional methods. The µPulse TFF system delivers fast and scalable isolation, maximizing yield, and preserving functionality.

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Application Notes

Automation of Cell Viability Assays Utilizing Microfluidic
Dispensing Technology

CellTiter-Glo assay faces clogging issues in automated platforms, the Tempest offers reliable and precise high throughput dispensing of cell viability assays, even for overnight runs and 1536-well plates.

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Generating High-Quality cDNA Libraries for Efficient Sequencing of T-cell Receptor mRNA from Single Cells

Learn how to miniaturize single-cell T-cell receptor mRNA sequencing by 10-fold using the Mantis precise liquid dispenser, achieving high-quality cDNA libraries comparable to bulk RNA.

A Cost Benefit Analysis of Implementing Low Volume Liquid Handling Automation in the Development of New HTRF Assays

Learn how to miniaturize HTRF assays in 1536-well plates to reduce the number of plates required, save time, lower the need for manual labor, and allow full screening in a single run using the Mantis liquid dispenser.

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Fast Lab-Scale Protein Refolding by Filter Dialysis on the µPULSE ®
TFF System

High pressure can affect the refolding quality of protein molecules. This app note highlights that buffer exchange using the µPULSE is a faster approach for protein refolding that can be optimized to be as gentle as equilibrium dialysis.

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Formulatrix® and Olink® Announce Collaboration to Deliver Automated Proteomics Research Solutions to Enable Protein Detection with Exceptional Precision and Speed

Formulatrix and Olink collaborate to enhance automation of Olink’s PEA technology using Formulatrix's F.A.S.T. Liquid Handler, providing researchers with precise and efficient protein detection, seamless integration, and industry-leading support.

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Celebrating 10,000 Crystallization Plates: A Milestone for the Monash Macromolecular Crystallization Platform

Explore the groundbreaking journey of Monash Macromolecular Crystallization Platform: 10,000 plates, a million experiments, and FORMULATRIX instruments shaping the future of macromolecular research.

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