Liquid Handling Software Update


TEMPEST® 3.1 provides the latest improvements to make your work easier. Here is a quick preview of the developments for TEMPEST 3.1.


Control Multiple TEMPEST Systems from One Computer

You can now control multiple TEMPEST instruments from just one computer. Each TEMPEST will have its own software installation and configuration data, so there's no risk of your dispenses getting mixed up. To control more than one TEMPEST from the API, make sure that each TEMPEST has a unique Integration Service Base Address, which can be set from the Options Menu. Now you can get rid of bulky computers and enjoy a cleaner lab setup. For more information, see Integration Service (IS).

Concentration Normalization Feature

TEMPEST software version 3.1 introduces a concentration normalization feature. You can now import a concentration data output file into a TEMPEST dispense list and get the concentration information for every well on the plate. Then, the software will automatically calculate the diluent values to be used for the normalization process in each well. By default all of the wells will be normalized to the concentration of the lowest well, or you can choose your own target concentration value. For more information, see Normalizing Concentration.

Concentration Normalization Wizard

Save Your Chip Setup for Future Use

The latest TEMPEST provides you with the Reagent Configuration option, which enables you to save, load, and modify the chip setup for each of your reagents. This configuration contains the reagent settings and information, such as the Input Source Type and current reagent's name in the input, This way, you can quickly configure the software for future dispenses. For more information, see Creating and Using Reagent Configurations.

Reagent Configuration Options

Easy to Use, Centralized Dispense Protocols

The latest TEMPEST software keeps all of your dispense protocols and related files in one centralized location, so that you don't have to go searching for your files when you want to run a dispense. Now TEMPEST will create a directory for all of your dispense designs with separate sub-folders for the Reagent Configuration, Plate List, Dispense List, and Protocol, so that there's no chance of files getting separated or lost. Your old dispense designs will be automatically copied to this location when you upgrade your TEMPEST software. TEMPEST also now gives you an easy way to edit your protocols, so that you can make any necessary updates for your latest experiments. See Creating and Using a Protocol and Creating and Using Reagent Configurations, for more information.

Protocols Options

Revamped the TEMPEST Dispense List Designer

A few improvements has been made to the Dispense List Designer in the TEMPEST software version 3.1.

  • Copy, Paste, and Clear Wells buttons have been added to speed up the dispense design process.

Copy, Paste, and Clear Wells Buttons in the Dispense List Designer

  • Get more help in dispense design with quick multiple well selection. This feature allows you to easily and effectively design a dispense, especially for plates with a lot of wells. There are 15 types of patterns available for you to choose from. Just select a pattern and type the desired dispense volume, and TEMPEST will apply that volume to all of the selected wells. For more information, see Well Selection Patterns

Multiple Well Selection in the Dispense List Designer

More Intuitive Input Control Panel

To add, assign, or change a reagent, you can now easily right-click or double-click on the TEMPEST input box of the Input Control Panel, then type the reagent name. When you add a new reagent, remember to update its liquid class in the Reagent List if necessary, to ensure an accurate dispense. For more information, see Adding or Deleting Reagents.

Input Dispense

Minor Software Changes

TEMPEST has added several minor changes for better usability. Other changes include:

  • Improved the accuracy of the time estimation for running a dispense in TEMPEST simulation mode.
  • Fewer pop-up messages for a better experience working with TEMPEST.
  • Improved the TEMPEST software upgrade process. The new installer has been streamlined to simplify and speed up the process.
  • Improved the Pressure Vacuum Setting to continuously update the pressure and vacuum value when you click the Read button. You can also adjust the Read Interval time as necessary.
  • Updated the TEMPEST software interface with the new TEMPEST logo and display.


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