Liquid Handler


4.9 Stars - 5 Reviews


EMD Serono
06 Juin 2016

The instrument is easy to configure and offers a high degree of versatility for liquid handling tasks. Having the stackers and a time delay option is immensely helpful for biochemical screens and other applications. The software for plate teaching and creating protocols is very simple to work with.

Johannes Fels

Novo Nordisk A/S
03 Jul 2014

We use the Tempest in a fully automated set-up for medium throughput quantitative analysis. The cv's are great and due to the ultra low dead volume we could dramaticly reduce reagent costings. Furthermore the very innovative and robust dispensing technology lead to reduced maintenance compared to the dispenser we used before. We are also very happy with the support by Formulatrix personnel. We definitely recommend the Tempest!

Chris Updike

Thermo Fisher Scientific
10 Jun 2014

A fantastic instrument! We use the Tempest in our High Throughput biochemical profiling service. The team now has an automated process for our reagent additions that requires certain concentrations to be added to a plate in a "cherry picking" type of methodology. What was once done by two individuals can now be done by one. The Tempest has worked great

Emmy Staples

Life Technologies
29 Jan 2014
life-tech (1)

We use this instrument in our high throughput assays and it has resulted in increased accuracy and throughput for the lab. End user adoption has been fantastic and the team would like to purchase more Tempests! Assistance from support personnel and sales is exceptional. This is the best non-contact small volume dispenser on the market.

Anonymous Review

A leading bio-instrumentation company
12 Aug 2014

What we enjoy the most about tempest:
The minimal dead volume required makes it very attractive as you save a lot
The CV for small volume(1 to 2ul) appears much more consistent than peristaltic pump competitor.
The speed at which it is dispensed is much more gentle than a peristaltic pump competitor or a bioraptr. It has a level of value for adherent cells as you are more likely to loose less cells.