Manual UV Inspection of Protein Crystals

UV Inspection of Protein Crystals

The Manual UV Inspection Station (MUVIS) is a stand-alone visible and UV microscope that provides a quick way to scan your plates for protein crystals. Place your plate on the plate holder, navigate to the drop of interest using the MUVIS control software, and immediately see if your crystal is a protein.


  • Image and capture your crystals under both visible and ultraviolet illumination.


  • Move anywhere in your lab as the system is as big as a coffeemaker and weighs only 7.8 kg (17 lbs). 


  • Ideal for budget-conscious labs who want to add UV imaging to their toolkit.


  • Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) Compatible - Inspect both standard height and thin glass LCP plates.
manual uv inspection station for protein crystals

Quickly Determine If A Crystal Is Protein

MUVIS utilizes a black and white, 1.4 MP CCD camera that can capture images in both visible and UV light. The system’s UV specialized optics provide a fixed field of view of 3.1 mm x 2.3 mm. The included software allows you to instantly switch between UV and visible light imaging, display UV and visible light images side-by-side, and fine-tune imaging controls such as resolution, exposure, and gain. An overlay function matches UV hotspots to visible light features allowing quick identification of which crystals are proteins.

Capture Images and Adjust Settings on the Fly

MUVIS is designed to be extremely user-friendly. Controls on the sides of the system allow you to quickly and easily switch between UV and visible light, adjust camera settings, and capture images to save to your computer. All of these controls may be adjusted in the software as well, providing you more flexibility in using the system. The MUVIS also has motorized focal controls to easily get your drops in focus.